Are you open to investigate the existing prototype where hardship, misfortune and poor health are advised to be a "normal" component of living on this earth?

Are you open and determined to recognize ourselves as powerful, wise, beings with the full capacity to heal and preserve our natural state of well being for self, other's and this planet, which is our innate birthrigh?

Are you a conscious creator ready to bring forth wealth, health, and fruitful relationships?

If you have answered yes, I look forward to speaking with you!

Please send me a email at Elevatewithlisawilder@gmail.com for your custom session.



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Important disclaimer:

It is important to understand that shamanic healing is an adjunct to, not a substitute for, conventional medical or psychological services. As a client, you must understand that shamanic healing can sometimes bring up issues of a highly personal nature that may cause you to experience emotional or physical responses that may be unexpected and/or unpleasant and cause some distress. You agree to assume this risk. You confirm that you do not suffer from any mental or physical impairment that might make it inadvisable for you to assume such risks. You will not hold the practitioner responsible for any discomfort or reaction you may experience. You understand that you can ask the practitioner to stop the session at any time.